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The school of marxism hosted an international academic seminar entitled "dialogue between a community of Shared future and diverse civilizations for mankind"and the third national summit forum of young and middle-aged marxist scholars

        From July 12th to 13th, An international academic seminar entitled the "dialogue between the community of Shared future and diverse civilizations of mankind"and the third national summit forum of young and middle-aged marxist scholars were held.Prof. Yao guanxin, party secretary of the university and director of the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.Prof. Shen qingsong, vice President of the society of international values, Dr. Hu ye-ping, executive chairman of the society, major general Yan xiaofeng of national defense university, Prof. Wang shaoxing of shandong university, Prof. Ding xiaoqiang of Tongji university, Prof. Jiang xudong, editorial director of the discipline research of marxist theory and others attended the opening ceremony. At the opening ceremony, the international society of values presented books to the institute of marxism, and George mason university in the United States gave gifts to the university.

        Yao guanxin introduced the development situation of the university and the discipline of marxist theory to the guests. Secretary yao stressed that the CPC has put forward the initiative of building a community of Shared future for mankind for the first time and deeply involved in global governance and been committed to promoting the "community of human destiny" planning into a real picture.Yao's secretary said that he hoped for a lot of new talents and many innovative suggestions in the meeting, so  the conference would eventually become a grand gathering to promote the research and practice of "a community of Shared future for mankind" at home and abroad, an important platform for the domestic and foreign young and middle-aged marxist scholars to exchange academic knowledge, enlighten their thought and collaboration, and an important opportunity for the development of marxist theory in our university.

        At the conference, nine professors from George mason university, Catholic university of the United States, university of Toronto, Indonesia institute of advanced civilization, national defense university, shandong university and tongji university delivered keynote speeches at invitation. The participants were divided into several groups for thought exchange and discussion on the topics of "a community of Shared future and multiple paths for mankind, dialogue between civilizations and civilizations, road for changing the world and China, global governance and China program".

        The conference was jointly hosted by yangzhou university base, research center of theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics of jiangsu province, international value society, editorial department of "research on marxist theory", etc. More than 70 young and middle-aged marxist experts and scholars from China, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Romania, Turkey and other countries attended the conference.

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