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The predecessor of the Marxist school of Yangzhou University is the Politics and History Department of Yangzhou Normal College which was first established 50 years ago in 1960s. In 1998, the Marxism-Leninism Departments and faculties of Political Science and Law of former six colleges and universities have been merged into the School of Political Science and Law (Social Science Department) in Yangzhou University . In 2001, the moral education department merged from former six colleges and universities was merged into Yangzhou University's moral education department (Social Science Department). In 2004, the School of Political Science and Law was divided into Law School and Social Development College (Social Science Department). In April 2011, The Social Development College of Yangzhou University (Department of Social Sciences) was divided into the Social Development Institute and Marxist school. In 2016 and 2018, Marxist school of Yangzhou Universities was selected as a model Marxist school in Jiangsu Province.

The college now has 86 faculty members, including 75 full-time teachers, 15 professors and 43 associate professors; 13 doctoral supervisors and 35 master supervisors; 42% of teachers have doctoral degrees or in the pursuit of doctoral degrees. There are 1 new talent in the new century of the Ministry of Education, 1 excellent young teacher awarded by Fok Ying Tong Education Foundation of Ministry of Education, 1 academic leader in the provincial “333 training target project”, 1 prospect in the third-batch training of the provincial “333 training project”, 1 young academic leader of the “Blue Project” of provincial universities. Besides, there are 1 outstanding young backbone teacher of provincial colleges and universities, 2 members of provincial top talent plan, 4 doctors from provincial “Dual Innovation and Entrepreneurship” project, 1 nominee for the influential figures of the national college ideological and political theory course, 1 teaching model of the national college ideological and political theory course, 1 expert on the national college ideological and political theory course, 1 outstanding worker of provincial ideological and political education. With all these achievements, the faculty enjoys a reasonable structure and endowed with huge potential.

The college has a postdoctoral research station for Marxist theory, a doctoral and master program for the first-level discipline of Marxist theory, two second-level master's degree-granting majors in CPC history research and discipline teaching (thinking and politics), and a first-level bachelor's degree program for Marxist theory. The Marxist theory is one of the advantageous and key disciplines of Jiangsu Province. In the fourth round of discipline evaluation conducted the Ministry of Education, the Marxist theory discipline topped 25% within the country with an assessment level of B. Ideological and political education is not only the specialty of colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province, also a key major and brand specialty of Yangzhou University.

The college has seven teaching and research departments including ideological and political education major, ideological and moral cultivation and legal basis, introduction to Marxist principles, outline of Chinese modern history, Mao Zedong Thought and the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, situations and policies, postgraduate ideological and political theory. Theses departments are responsible for the teaching and researching of ideological and political theory for undergraduate graduate students. Institutions such as Training Center for Ideological and Political Work Teams of Colleges and Universities of the Ministry of Education, Jiangsu Marxism Popularization Learning Practice headquarter, Jiangsu Provincial Socialist Theoretical System Research Base, Contemporary China Democratic Politics Research Center, Social Governance and Innovation Research Center, Yangzhou Institute of Public Civilization and many more are affiliated with the college.

  Focused on the teaching and research of Marxist theory with its distinctive academic feature, our college has produced many fruitful achievements. In recent years, the college has undertaken more than 100 projects including the National Social Science Fund, the Social Science Planning Project of the Ministry of Education, the Jiangsu Province Social Science Planning Project, and the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, including 2 major national social science fund projects. Hundreds of articles have been published In Marxist Studies, Marxism and Reality, Guangming Daily (Theoretical Edition), Teaching and Research, Ideological and Theoretical Education Guide and other important publications. More than 20 academic works have been published by authoritative publishing institutions, such as China Social Science Press and Science Press. Its faculties have won the National College Student Challenge Cup 1st Prize, the National Teaching Achievement Second Prize, and the first and second prize of Jiangsu Higher Education Teaching, and many outstanding achievements in philosophy and social sciences in Jiangsu Province.

 “Learn and adhere to the Marxism when in Marxist College” .The Marxist College of Yangzhou University will as always, hold high the banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, under the guideline of Xi Jinping's Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era, uphold the spirit of "diligence and self-reliance" and carry forward the principles of " stay true to our original aspiration and march forward with fortitude ”. We strive to build the college into a high-level teaching and research one with distinctive characteristics, and make greater contributions to the socialist education with Chinese characteristics in the new era. (March, 2020 )


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